Children of the world.

2.4 million lives. That’s the cost of the Syrian war on its children. They are supposed to represent the future of Syria, yet sadly their lives has been seen as nothing but collateral damage for the ongoing infighting in the country.

This matter has been highlighted by UNICEF, the organization responsible for the welfare of children worldwide under the UN. The funding required to provide necessities to the families are not quite enough forcing families to flee the country putting themselves at the mercy of an unknown fate. Parks, schools or malls are non-existent anymore. They have all been bombed to rubbles. All that is left are just memories. Bitter, dark memories of what used to be a peaceful Syria.

Children of Syria have lost at least 4 to 5 years of their lives. Being a child means to not have burdens nor the need to worry but these children have to mature ahead of their time, some even have to find a job to support their broken families. It is a sad thing to see yet many countries have yet to voice out concerns regarding this issue.

Over in Nigeria, almost a million children have been forced out of schools and the chance to get a proper education. Boko Haram, a militant group established locally there have been terrorizing people and barring any kind of western influence in the country. This militant group is also responsible for forcing children into the sex trade and also to become child soldiers.

People have been so caught up with their own busy lives that they do not see the things that are happening across borders. Children are suffering. The future generation of the so called third world countries are at risk and people have to start acting now. Children are a blessing from above regardless of their race, gender, religion and so on.

Mahatma Gandhi once said,

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Start today. Start now. Making a difference might seem like a huge responsibility, but if everyone in this world, works hand in hand towards providing light and hope for these children, nothing is impossible.

We are their voice. Let’s help them. Help us at The Child Awareness Project to spread the word. Every child deserves a proper life. We, at The Child Awareness Project, strive to give our 100% to informing in hopes of it being our way of making the world a better place to live in. I, on behalf of my team would like to thank and congratulate each and everyone of you for your attention and support. Do look out for our next article!

What is a child’s right? Know them. Demand them. Defend them.

Empower children to secure their rights.Thank you.

Bavaani Priya @ Preemikha
Written Content Manager
The Child Awareness Project



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